Looking for a trustworthy & confidential UK based company to outsource your iXBRL tagging specialists requirements for your group?

Are you…?

  • Audit/tax firm is charging you a high premium to create an iXBRL document because of their own overheads?
  • Is in house iXBRL tagging is proving too time consuming to be efficient?
  • Can your tax software not cater for an entity type in your group such as a charity or Banking/Insurance Entity?
  • Need trustworthy confidential company to outsource to?

Case Studies

Car Dealership

Car Dealership The client realised that iXBRL is going to be an annual requirement, and were looking for a long-term cost effective solution. Although initially put off by the choice and cost of software solutions, they decided to try and bring it in-house. We helped by providing the iXBRL services in the first year as…

Group of Renewable Energy Companies

Group of Renewable Energy Companies Although aware of iXBRL, they did not have the time or internal capacity to learn about iXBRL and invest in the software needed to produce iXBRL compliant accounts for their group. As a result, they have outsourced all of their accounts conversions to us on an annual basis. They have…

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